Saturday, June 24, 2006


I find it very hard to understand teetotal Christians.

My understanding of the term 'Christian' is someone who follows the teachings of Christ or seeks to be like Him in some way. And Jesus expressly told His disciples to drink wine to remeber Him. So why do so many Christians shun alcohol in all its forms? They are commanded to drink it!

Yes, I know there are several anti-drunkenness passages in the bible, but having a glass or two of wine is as far from drunkenness as driving sensibly is from breaking the speed limit.


High Elf Counsel said...

Oh and Jesus also made wine. Apparently the best they ever tasted! In the wedding traditon of the time, the worst wine was served last because the guests would be too drunk to notice the taste. However, Jesus, made his wine towards the end of the celebration and everyone drinking it was amazed at the quality!! (so it couldn't have been grape juice like so many christians would like to believe!) Also, the Bible says to stop drinking only water and drink some wine for your stomachs! (you can find that, I can't remember where that is)

Monica, again.

Ricky Carvel said...


I wonder if anyone asking themselves the 'WWJD?' question has decided that, in a similar situation to the one in which they find themselves, what Jesus would do would be to provide lots more wine to a bunch of already drunk people...

If you have wrong preconceived notions of what Jesus would have done, then you can't truly follow his example or teaching.

Ricky Carvel said...

Oh, and the 'wine for your stomach' line is part of Paul's advice to Timothy (1 Tim 5v23).