Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Who do you say I am...?

Much of my recent doubting (not necessarily all put on this blog) boils down to this question:

Who was Jesus?

(Some of you will say that the question should be asked in the present tense, but before we get to the question of who Jesus is now, let's look back into history and ask who Jesus was when he walked this earth, in the first few decades of the 'common era'.)

Its hard to ask this question without throwing some theological baggage into the mix from the outset, but I'm going to try and avoid that, wherever possible. So let's ask that question of the people who should know:
  • Who did Matthew think Jesus was?
  • Who did Mark think Jesus was?
  • Who did Luke think Jesus was?
  • Who did John think Jesus was?
  • Who did Paul think Jesus was?
  • Who did the other early Christians think Jesus was?
I'll be asking these questions again and again, over a series of posts. There may be long gaps between posts... don't hold your breath.

Given that most people think Mark wrote first, let's ask him first...

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