Sunday, July 02, 2006

Worship works!

One of the most compelling reasons for believing that I've found is that Christianity works. However many doubts or intellectual uncertainties I may have about the bible and God, the thing works. You can experience God. You can know forgiveness. You can be transformed. You can become a better person. You can find purpose in life. Of course, there are still uncertainties, but there are certainties too.

This morning, at our church service, I felt God's presence. I felt Him there because I was worshipping, and worship works.

Worship works by showing us a tiny glimpse of who God is and who we can be if we let Him work in us. Despite not actually singing it this morning, I am particularly reminded of this song by Brian Doerksen (who is possibly my favourite worship song writer).

When You call my name
(by Brian Doerksen & Steve Mitchinson (c) 2000 Vineyard Songs UK/Eire)

There’s a hunger in this wilderness
For Your revelation
To hear the words of life that strengthen me
Come and show what You’ve prepared for me
Speak your confirmation
Show me how I fit into Your plan

For when You call my name
I can see again
Who You are and who I’m meant to be
And as You beckon me
I am free to see
Who You are and who I’m sent to be

I am seeking true identity
In the light of Your presence
I am longing to know how You see me
In the time that You have given me,
Release the strength to follow
And the grace to be who You say I am


Chris Hamer-Hodges said...

Wonderful post. Thanks Ricky.

Ricky Carvel said...

You're welcome Chris!

Some time ago you commented that I should blog a bit about what I do believe, rather than what I don't. Hence a slightly different slant to some of my posts of late.

Of course, I still have questions... so please keep reading and commenting. :o)