Sunday, July 30, 2006

Whole lotta shakin' going on...

Acts 4v31:
After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

Last week in church, I found myself wondering 'What's all this shaking about?' This may be a question that you've never asked yourself (or anyone else) in church. Certainly, nobody shook in the presbyterian church I was raised in. Nobody shook in the baptist church that I went to when I was a student. In fact, nobody really shakes in the episcopalian church that I go to these days. But sometimes I go to a more 'charismatic' church in the evening. And they shake there.

It seems that when the Spirit of God fills someone, they shake. A regular part of the evening service at St Mungos Church, Edinburgh (and presumably some other churches too) is when the members ministry team make their way among the congregation and pray for people. They don't generally ask you if you have any particular needs for prayer or anything, they just pray that you might be filled with the Spirit of God. And you are. And this generally (from observation and experience) manifests itself as (uncontrollable?) shaking.

So what's the shaking all about? Why do we shake when the Spirit of God fills us?

I did a bible search on 'shaking' and 'trembling' and such like words, but didn't turn up anything of any note. The bible doesn't seem to explain this, its just something that happens.

Anyone got any words of wisdom on this subject? (Chris, I'm sure you've been doing a whole lotta shakin' this week - any insight?)


Anonymous said...

From what I've read, the Bible doesn't seem to refer to those under the Spirit shaking, trembling or falling.

My horrendously sceptical side says it could be a emotional reaction rather than a spiritual one, but I'm really not sure.

If you look at some of the other things that happened when people were full of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, they seem to have a evangelistic leaning, from my perspective, and personally, I can't see how falling over or shaking really demonstrates God's glory, but then again, I'm not "charismatic" :D

Chris Hamer-Hodges said...

Hi Ricky. I think you answered your own question with the words: "They just pray that you might be filled with the Spirit of God. And you are."

One thing that is clear from the scriptures as well as your own testimony is that when someone is filled with the Spirit it is something that is obvious.

Part of the role of the Spirit in the Godhead is to make the presence of God manifest. God is with us everywhere at all times, but there are times when that presence becomes a perceptible reality. This is the Spirit's work.

The Bible also makes it clear that there are different kinds of manifestation of the one Spirit (1Co 12:4-7). Personally I have never "shaken" in the Spirit, but every time the Spirit has moved on me there has been a manifestation [perceptible, outward, visible expression]. I have sobbed, I have laughed, I have fallen over - overwhelmed by the weight of the presence of God, I have spoken in tongues, I have prophesied.

These manifestations along with our spiritual discernment of the source, are the evidence of God's presence amongst his people. It is this that distinguishes us from anyone else on the planet (Ex 30:15-16).

Although I have never physically shaken, the Spirit does come to shake. I would suggest that you will find the significance in Hebrews 12:26-29

Ricky Carvel said...


For some reason, I am surprised that you haven't been shaken. Perhaps this is because I see more shaking than other manifestations at St Mungos. I do remember all the 'Toronto Blessing' meetings that I went to circa 1994 where falling over and laughing (and other noises) were the order of the day. But these days I see a lot of shaking going on. And, of course, experience it myself.

I just wonder what the point of it is? Tongues & prophesy I can see the point of, but what is the benefit of shaking and falling over?


I too have a horrendously sceptical side. I think there are four main possible explanations for the shaking phenomena:

1. Its just fake.
2. Its an emotional reaction.
3. Its the Spirit of God.
4. There is some other non-spiritual, entirely natural, reason.

Number 4 there is a bit vague. But what I mean is that there may be some, as yet undiscovered by science, natural process by which the person 'praying' may be able to mentally influence the behaviour of the person being 'prayed' for. In other words ESP or something like that. I mean, from an objective sceptical viewpoint is that less likely than divine intervention...?

And I am certain that in any sufficiently large gathering of people you will get some folk who will fake it to fit in. But just because some fake it, it doesn't mean that it is all fake.

But from my experience, and I have been shaken a few times, I always question why I am shaking. I always try to ensure that I am not being emotionally manipulated. I even try to stop shaking, just to see if I can. Last week I couldn't stop my arms shaking when I was being prayed for.

So I am reasonably convinced that it is the Spirit at work... but why does He work this way?

simo said...

Why do you separate the idea of the Spirit being at work and an emotional response, it was quite some time ago but I remember working at a conference and I was exhausted, I asked some friends to pray for me, they prayed and I spent somewhere around 30 mins shaking a little and jumping up and down, not what you would have thought was the best cure for tiredness. And no it probably wasn’t but God refreshed me during that time and I was able to get through the rest of the conference, maybe God was through his Spirit giving me the refreshing I needed but my body made a physical/emotional response to that. I think you could be right in suggesting that the shaking COULD be an emotional or physical thing but maybe it is the body responding to what the Spirit is doing. We have been designed to respond to things that are going on around us, when we catch our arm on the door handle as we walk past the brain responds and lets us know that we have hurt ourselves, when the Spirit is at work surly the brain/body can respond just as easily?

Ricky Carvel said...


I think I was trying to say that it wasn't purely an emotional response. Some would say that the music and the atmosphere and the fact that someone is praying specifically for you might all add up to you merely responding on an emotional level - but without any divine intervention.

Sure, when the Spirit moves, the emotions are stirred too (see what Chris says above about laughing and crying).

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that being filled with the Spirit gives us an obvious reaction, to me, it just gives me a sense of peace and happiness, and I doubt anyone could tell, other than a big grin I usually have.

I've only received a physical reaction once, as I cried uncontrollably, with the other 4 guys in the room, when 3 of us became Christians.

Personally, from my interpretation, you receive the Spirit when you become a Christian, it is a binary thing, you have it or you don't, you don't get more or less. When you are "filled with the Spirit", that is simply the Spirit enabling you to feel the Father.

This could well be wrong, but its what I've come to think from my 4 years of faith, and I would be grateful if I could be pointed towards any relevent passages for or against my current view :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am sure that the shaking is real and it is the anointing of God that the body is not always able to respond in control of because it is such power. I have been shaking now for 4 or 5 years and the more time I spend with God and pray the more I shake at home and at church. I mean I SHAKE. I was very concerned at first that it was even demonic and asked around and many said it must be but as time went on I found others shaking but not as much as I was. I asked the Lord if it was some kind of warfare or just what it was and he said it was that I was one that was called to be in prayer and to release the anointing. When a special sermon or prayer meeting is called I come and God releases such a loving anointing. Sounds weird but so are many of the miracles in the bible. And remember not all that Jesus did is in the Bible. We have to pray about it and often take it by faith and walk in love and wait for God to show us. I stay in prayer as much as I can through out the day praying for who ever he calls me to. Of course that is going here and there praying and staying before the Lord. Hearing God's voice can be very tricky but I love it and I can say that the shaking is not bad at all. I believe that is why we have the Quakers and the Shakers...It does look pretty strange to others but I just don't think of the Lord at all if there are some it may offend. Then I don't shake. But I have gone to church where my legs would shake uncontrollably. I do believe we will see more of these kinds of things because God's glory is coming and more people are being called to prayer. It has to be for Jesus to return I believe. The earth is being filled with his glory as more and more people pray. I have gotten to the place that I don't question so much any more as I know his presence. Child like faith is what he called me to, it was the pharisees that tried to find fault. I was really tired of being a pharisee. It is easier to trust God and the more we let him guide us the more we learn. But we do have to realize that we will make many mistakes in order to learn. Just because we are older doesn't change that. My prayer for all of you is to trust God more he is much more powerful than anything demonic. And if someone is showing off, God will take care of that in time too. Usually they are in need of something and if we walk in love God will do the rest. But... he is usually very slow to change them as he usually calls us to love them and if that doesn't work... he will take care of it. God bless you for being faithful and loving and willing to discuss it openly. God loves us so much. I hope this has helped you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my name is Lizzy

Ricky Carvel said...

Thanks Lizzy!

Anonymous said...

I have been a born again believer for about 20 years. I sometimes shake uncontrollably when I pray for some one or pray with others. If the person that I am praying for is really in deep need of prayer and there is healing needed or going on the shaking is more pronounced. I tremble slightly alot of the time when I am in or around a holy place. I thought for a long time something was wrong with me but now I know this is how the Holy Spirit works in me. I also have the gift of discerment and words of knowledge. MK

Anonymous said...

I have been a born again believer now for about 3 years. Last night, I went to our Tuesday service at church, which I rarely am able to attend, but God told me to go. Little did I know that He had planned on meeting me there. Believe me, I was always doubtful about the falling over and the shaking because there are lots of people who fake things out in the world. But let me tell you, I got prayed for last night, fell to the floor and then started trembling. It was the first time this had happened and I honestly got really embarrassed and tried to make it stop. I couldn't. I would never try to fake something like that because I don't like attention called to me. I had no idea what was happening until my pastor cleared it up for me. I have been studying the spirit realm lately and identifying spirits that have been attacking me and my family and casting them out and releasing them of their comission for about 48 hours before it happened. I think God was protecting me and letting me know that He was there. It was the strangest experience but awesome. I never had so much energy, got little sleep last night and was so energetic all day long. You can't make it stop. It's too powerful. although, it won't continue forever, I believe God only gives you what you can handle. I had a child in the nursery at church and service ended and I had to go and pick her up so God "eased up" and I was able to get up and walk, although still shaky. There will always be fakes, but when the spirit hits you, you will know that it isn't all fake. What a blessing it is!!

Jennifer said...

My name is Jennifer. And I just wanted to thank you for this post. I was researching "shaking hands" and came across this post. I started shaking this summer. And it's been such a journey with God. I have shook for 3 1/2 hours at a time. I sometimes wonder if it's Him, but I'm coming to the conclusion that He is teaching me to trust Him more. Sometimes I shake during worship and other times, I think it's because there is someone I'm suppose to pray for. I just don't always know how to tell the difference. I grew up in a Brethren church and this was never talked about. I started going to a Vineyard church and I've never felt more at home at a church. During a prayer meeting on Sunday, my hands started shaking and then my legs and feet started going. I know it's something that I can't stop. It gets going so much at times my wrist and shoulder hurt at the end. It's an amazing and VERY humbling experience. I just want to make sure I'm listening to what the Holy Spirit wants me to do and sometimes I'm not sure I know how to do that. Sorry if I'm babbling. I'm just excited to be able to express how I feel to people who understand what is happening. God bless and I look forward to further conversation.

Anonymous said...

I just received the Holy Spirit this last weekend. I was at a Bible retreat and one of the girls came up as I was praying and layed her hands on me and prayed over me in tounges.Imediatly I started to weep uncontrollably and shake. i myself did not understand it either but it was a wonderful feeling.

Anonymous said...

hi, I just came from a service where I was told that God did not want me to shake and I have had people to pray that I would stop. I have been shaking for about 3 years and I tremble when the anointing comes on me to minister to someone. I was disturbed, but now I realize people doubt what hasn't happened to them. Only God knows our hearts and thats what counts. North Carolina

JesusIsLord said...

In the way you would know the kiss of your spouse, you would know the work of Jesus. "The spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets." But remember that even King Saul prophesied after he was fallen away, therefore God's glory is manifested in good and evil, it will not be denied. Be not evil and worship in spirit and truth!

Tom said...

Remember these words, That was given to me this day.

All that is of Jesus may I receive.
All that is not of Jesus my I rebuke. In Jesus name I pray!

I was at a prayer group last Monday night and received the gift of tiers. Towards the end of the prayer meeting I noticed my had was twitching. When I got home that evening and layed down. I was in prayerful meditation when my right had started shaking uncontrollably. My wife walked into the room and ask me what was wrong.I smiled and said I can not stop shaking my hand and arm. She left the room with some concern and reservation on what was happening to me. Later on that night the shaking enveloped my whole body. I praised God believing that I had received a blessing from him. I was awaken that night about 3am and my right arm and hand stated shaking uncontrollably again. This has been going on for all this week. I believe the shaking of the body is the Spirit of the Lord speaking in tongues in sing language. I was not scared because I new of one other person in my parish that has received this gift also. He is a very spiritual person and involved in many miniseries in our church. I have always admired his faith. I wen't to my parish priest about this shaking that I have been experiencing. He told me that it is a privet revelation and is should be kept privet. A lot of people may not understand and this could bring confusion among the members of the congregation which does not build up the church. So I will be obedient to my parish priest and pray for decrement through the Holy Spirit of Truth. If this is of God It will come to its fulfillment in charity and if it is not of the Lord It will be rebuked from my being as I have ask in Jesus name to do. I pray that you all do the same. Look for the corporal works of charity in your life this is evidence that the Spirit of the Lord is working in you. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I accepted Jesus in 2005 (almost 5 yrs ago). It has been a long process and God is still dealing with me and molding me. One thing that was always a concern was the shaking, trembling and fainting that I saw at churches. I have felt the goosebumps, shivers and crying which I believe was an emotional and spiritual way of God dealing with me but NEVER had I felt the weird shaking I saw in other people. I even questioned it and wondered if people was faking it or if it was more of an emotional reaction to internal battles we as humans go thru. I started to believe that maybe I would never experience such shaking. That was until yesterday... I was invited to dinner at a lady's house, she is a know prophet. During prayer she came to me and layed hands on me. I was too concious of my surroundings to really connect spiritually. I guess I was feeling a bit ackward. Yet I listened to her words which were on point. I didn't feel God presence or any tingling of anykind as I've felt at church. Probably cuz I was not concentrating on the prayers. But out of no where... I didnt expect it to happen... she blew softly towards my forehead...and I felt my body falling back. I was conscious the entire time and even try to fight by gripping the two other ladies who were next to me. I wanted to stop myself from falling. I gripped their arms and tried pulling myself up but I could not do it. I could barely open my eyes and I started praying "God what is happening to me". I finally let go of my hands and thats when my hands and leggs were suddenly disconnected from my brain and started shaking uncontrollably. I tried to make it stop but I couldn't. I was on the floor in a fetus position trying to cover my face because I hate the feeling of people watching me. But no matter what I did, I could not stop my body. I had no choice but to lay there and relax and wait for it to pass. Afterwards I needed help getting up. They sat me down on the sofa...still feeling tingly and weak but so full of JOY... I couldnt believe that it happened to me. I am not a fake and this happening to me was a confirmation that God is real. I dont know what it took so long for it to happen to me, but God is always on time and I know He is going to do something radical in my life! God bless.

Unknown said...

You might be interested in Bradford Keeney's work - Shaking Out the Spirits.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you everyone who has posted. I have been searching for more information about what is happening to me. It helps to hear others walk in this. I have been a non-charismatic christian for many years and never shook or felt anything. I'd read about feeling the holy spirit but could not understand as I had never felt it. I must admit I was lukewarm at best much of the time. I had no peace or joy but felt empty even though I knew I was saved. I served constantly in my church and found joy helping others but did not see much fruit from my efforts and felt it was all in my strength and was exhausted. Last year I had an awakening of such and a hunger for more of the Lord as my daughter had met some charismatic friends and experienced the baptism of the holy spirit and much healing in her life. Her accounts made me concerned she was being harmed by false teachings but also caused a yearning for the God she was now experiencing. I went in search in the bible, through prayer, other books, and the internet for more information about it all. I prayed for discernment as I was bombarded with every interpretation of the word. The only discernment I ever received from God is that the whole bible is true and that God had sooo much more for us if we'd only let him give it to us. I spent over a year seeking the truth, praying, worshiping, seeking God where he is, thanking him for who he is, seeking to have his heart, mind, and spirit although I still did not feel him. He has answered my prayers and has changed me to be more like him and he is still changing me everyday. I was baptised in holy spirit a month ago and now shake during worship and prayer. I still try to hide/stop the shaking as I did not know what was going on and do not see any doing it around me. I always feel touched and loved during these experiences and just press in and pray through them. My prayer life has exploded with the new prayer language, I get a tightness in my chest that is only released through prayer. I used to struggle to spend 15 minutes in bible/prayer. I can now spend hours and lose track of time. All I want to do is spend time with God and be refined to be more like him and seek his will and to serve him so he may be glorified and others find out the truth of all he wants to give us. I finally have true Joy and Peace in the love of Christ regardless of my circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I’m wondering: Do other people experience these manifestations of the Spirit differently at different times too? For instance, when I first became a Christian, I cried more when I encountered God in prayer and worship. The next ‘phase’, if you will, was a sort of flapping of my hands. Now most commonly my whole body vibrates when I encounter God.

Do other people experience these changes over time too? Also what do you think the difference might be? I tend to associate the tears with when we are in particular need of forgiveness, though have no idea if this is true. If it were, perhaps the other manifestations demonstrate God’s power, or His love when we need to feel those most.
God bless you. England.

Anonymous said...

Other people do go through that experience.I experienced it 6 month ago. i developed an hunger for God since last years i joined the prayer group in my church. 6 month ago i was in my room worshipping God and i heard the a voice in my heart saying, keeping saying Halleluyah to God. I can even pray for 20mins but found my self shouting Halleluyah for 2 1/2 hrs, and all of a sudden i started vibrating from my stomach the all over my body. I was scare but as i was shaking, i heard God more clearly when he spoke. After that day people notice the change because the gifting of God in me was pronounced. Up till now am still shaking especially in His presence, when the Lord is giving me word of Knowledge, Vision or trace. One thing we should realised is that the body react to Spiritual things for some its inner peace, for some its an overwhelming joy, for some its shaking.For me i asked the Lord a question about shaking and He told me its because my body can't stand the weightiness of His Glory. On the flip side demon possessed person react when they come under the power of God, there will always be a reaction which we can not choose. Am fortunate to be in meeting where manifestation of the Spirit is embraced and are more matured in the things of God. PHILIP

Gigi said...

Tom, I read your comment about your parish Priest advising you to keep the matter of shaking to yourself as others in the church might not understand it. Just wondered if you have ever attended a Catholic Charimatic Conference, Mass or Service? I attend a Charismatic Catholic Prayer Group that is Sprit-filled. Check out our website at:
The 28th Annual Mid-South Regional Charismatic Confrence is July 22 & 23, 2011 in Nashville, Tn at St. Ignatius. Can also google "Catholic Charismatic Renewal" for additional information. As I grew up Protestant, I also visit Assembly of God church and recently during service experienced my right hand begin to shake during praise and worship. I had both hands raised in praise/worship, when my right hand started shaking. I put it down by my side and it was still shaking some, but when I raised it again in worship it started shaking even more. I had felt the presence of God before and have rested in the spirit before, but this shaking of my hand had never happened before. Thanks to all who have posted and for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply sadden that we as God,s children can not trust that he would show evidence of himself. When God,s glory come down around and on us our bodies are unable to stand against it. Like on the day of pentecost the power of the holy spirit shook the building our body is the temple of the holy spirit when God glory falls on us we will also shake. stop doubting God get to know him .Be careful when judging God,s children

Brian said...

somwhere in the bible God says "i will shake the heavens and the earth". and in luke 17 Jesus Says the Kingdom of heaven is in you. I cant remember if the first one was in a negative or positive context but the latter was adressed to pharisees and saducees who Jesus harshly rebuked throughout his ministry.

Anonymous said...

Greeting Saints,

Thank God for Jesus!

I recieved my first encounter with the Holy Spirit in my local church. I went up for prayer and did not anticipate what would happened next. I hit the floor (under the annointing and started to travil which is manifested child birthing in the spirit. I have never given birth to a baby and knew nothing about a birthing experience. One thing I do know about God, He will confirm His word. My girlfriend who has been blessed with three childrn said it sounded very real.
Thru pray and bible study I was able to understand that travailing is a high order of intercession. Can it be faked? I do not know. However, the Word of God says to try the spirit to see if it is of God.
If there is any doubt in any believers mind about a situation you are not sure of, ask the spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) for discernment. He will assuredly respond. How do i kmow this? I was in prayer about several months ago and was verbally upset with God about a certian situation. In the midst of my complaint I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me so clear that I repented immediately and have not gone there since. He point blank told me I did not know enough about God to know His ways!(His thoughts and ways are higher than ours...that is bible)
The Father above does want anyone ignorant of the working of the Holy Spirit nor the enemy for that matter.
Always remenber there are more for us than against us! In Jesus name!

Anonymous said...

Hello Saints,

Thank God for Jesus!

Follow up on my previous comments concerning the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Recently, I have been experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit thru uncontrollable shaking. The shaking has become more intense. I must confess it frightened me. Thank God for my prayer partner(a true man of God)who explained to me what was happening. He prayed for me which put me at ease. Do I understand all that took place? No I do not. Do I trust God in this?
Yes I do!
Peace be unto you.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!Thank God I continued to read through ALL these posts. I too have had uncontrollable shaking while at a church conference. I have hungered and yearned for our Father God to give me a one-on-one encounter. At the time I had my eyes closed just worshipping God. The shaking lasted for about an hour. I became overwhelmed and the tears flowed when I felt what seemed to be a dollop of oil on my head. It was so surreal yet so amazing. I have been wanting to experience His presence for many years and finally I opened up and allowed myself to be filled with the Holy Spirit. 2 weeks later I went to a church meeting where there was a guest speaker from Bethel, after approx. 20 minutes of standing for worship I sat down in my chair as I felt my legs start to shake gently. My sister came and sat beside me and instantly noticed I had the Holy Spirit filling me up. My entire body started to shake and remained like that for the next 3 hrs. Upon leaving the church service my left hand was still uncontrollably shaking.I have since questioned over and over what and why??? When all I really need to say is THANK YOU LORD. The creator of this universe has encountered me and given me an unconditional faith in Him. I have always BELIEVED He is real!! But now I KNOW :)....

SurrenderingOne said...

Hi LiZzy,
Thanks for sharing. I can identify. God has been moving me to practice transparency. I attended a Bible study a few days ago and shared openly from my heart and life experience. A woman started to cry and pray and felt a release of something off her body. She gave me a hug; held on to me and I to her. She cried and I comforted her with words of kindness. Then I started to shake. We held hands and both shook with periodic jerks. This was the first time I had this kind of group experience (I typically shake during praise and worship). I think that the shaking is a viable sign of surrender...saying "I'm yours, Lord do as u will".

Feels great to connect with a community who have experienced this phenomenon.

Continued blessings to all,

darla723 said...

Thanks everyone. Blessing to all

Anonymous said...

You are right, we need to trust in th Lord more for Him to reveal things to us. Since I became a Christian I had encounters with the Lord and as I was in bed the Lord visited and told me He was going to bless me. Guess what happened, He pointed a rod towards my hands and I shook even my bed shook. I woke up shaking and the whole day I could feel that anointing. Years after I still shake even more especially when I am in warfare. It is the doing of God sometimes we do not understand. It is a calling and it comes with a different anointing. I have been called to intercede for the nations and the body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am SO grateful I found this site. I have been experiencing POWERFUL total body shaking for months now. It first occurred at a signs and wonders conference. It was during worship. Suddenly my body began to shake so powerfully that my feet literallly were coming off the floor. All I know is that I have been a christian for 26 years...have always had strong leanings and gifiting in evangelism, worship, and intercessory prayer. My hunger for the Lord has skyrocketed in recent years, as has my intercessory prayer life. I have asked God to give me his heart, experience of His love for me, and flowing through me to HELP others, and bring more souls into the kingdom. I have been asking God for more anointing and power. As I reflect, I see that these experiences have been an answer to that prayer. My evangelism, worship, and prayer life have gone to even broader and deeper levels. I seem to be able to minister to others more powerfully. The shaking has become pretty frequent. It can happen when I am in deep intercession for others or in deep worship....its happened in worship at church as well as alone in private at home. A couple of times the shaking happened while leading worship...I was quite embarrassed, beccause I knew it looked strange, and some might not understand....but my pastor didn't say anything to me. We were singing songs about the holiness of God...and the power of God just came on me, and I shook. Its not painful, actually quite pleasurable. I always feel SO grateful to experience Him in a profound way. I never seek the comes when He determines, and also leaves as He wills. I feel like God has said to allow the shaking....even in the congregation... that it is a sign of what He is doing in His church - to wake them up, to pour out His glory....and also a sign to the demonic realm...that as the church rises in her authority through Christ, the demons will not be able to do anything but tremble and flee in the presence of the mighty bride of Christ ariising.
These are things that I am wrestling with. Since this has just been happening since March 2013...I was not sure what this is all about. I am still learning. I am seeking God. I am not one to ever "fake" anything. I have always had a deep honor for genuineness and transparency. In some ways, i feel like God is also challenging me to humility and surrender, and to allow Him to be in control. Thank you everyone for sharing. I will keep asking the Lord for more clarity. I do feel that God is accomplishing something personally, and even in the spiritual "atmosphere" of the congregation when this happens. I have heard some say it is like I am an "antannae" for God, and picking up His Spiritual energy.
Thank you again for allowing me to read your helpful posts. God's richest blessings to all of you! Eph. 3:14-21

Anonymous said...

So glad I've found this! I've been shaking since March or so and have never seen it before except in Bethel church. Being new to church/Christ (3 years), I thought it might be demonic or dehydration, but the intense joy and weighted glory of our God overwhelms me. Now I welcome the embrace, cherishing every moment. It happens when in worship & prayer (personal and over others

Anonymous said...

My study of the bible does NOT show jesus or the apostles or the disciples shaking, throwing them selves on the floor when receiving holy spirit. They would be spiritualy enlightened as jesus said the spirit would be a helper for the truth. Apostles were given gifts like healing and tongues and the tongues was language understood by the alien nations in israel not some demonic babbling thats done today. you have to ask yourself if your church is the false one Jesus said they preach in my name but are far removed from me. I don't intend to upset people just make people aware that they have to get out of bablylon the false church

Anonymous said...

this is an update. (I wrote a comment two posts up, that I closed with Eph. 3:14-21)

The shaking has continued. I have stopped my questioning. I am BLESSED when God comes on me in power in that way. All I can say, is examine the root and fruit to anyone that questions. God knows that my life's goal is to proclaim Jesus and His good news to broken, hurting and lost. The fruit of my life is evidenced in becomimg more like Him, exhibiting the fruits of His spirit. My prayer life and helps to others has gone to a whole new level.
God told me He is increasing my capacity to hold His heart, and to carry nore anointing to ninister. He also said He has given me new wineskin to hold the "new" things He is doing. I see more of His fruit evidenced in my life. I am GRATEFUL for these touches of God. I feel humbled and loved and touched. Thank you sweet Holy Spirit. I welcome your activity. I welcome your touch. I welcome what YOU want to do. I trust that you have purpose and blessing in the I say, let the shakings come. I will live full out abandoned to your will. I am rooted in your Word, and I trust you with all my heart, leaning NOT unto my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge make my path straight.
Blessings to all of you. I love you. I appreciate your sharing.
If you are rooted in Christ, desire to bring Him glory by your life, and your life is exhibitign the fruit of His Spirit....then I say, LET THE SHAKINGS COME!
love you, love you, love you all!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this the various comments from different angles are very helpful. I'd never seen or even heard of shaking, but have experienced it twice recently, first very slightly then today more significantly (not excessive but strong enough that I felt like I needed to sit down). I wanted to understand more so have read a few different sites. I was praying that God would remove my barriers whilst singing in church.
References to shaking in the bible - Hebrews 12 mentions the removal of those things that are being shaken, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. Which would seem appropriate to my situation shaking my barriers and leaving the Spirit.
- I think Daniel 10 is also helpful- Suddenly, a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands

Anonymous said...

thank you. what a blessing to read your posts. i too have the shaking going on. i promise i am not faking it or seeking it. it happened at AOG church today again when a prophetic lady prayed for me. and afterwards full of JOY and radiating love. want to hug them all.

like you all, have been seeking Gods face and heart more and more intensely. o.k. i admit, i am OBSESSED with God, with Jesus with heaven. i do believe it is a manifestation of God pouring out His spirit on all those who truly seek Him in these last days. and no, it won't happen in denominational lukewarm churches, where the spirit has left the building. your heart has to be ON FIRE for the Lord. its not a fake thing. i didn't even know it was a 'thing'. i also pray in tongues when i hear the spirit of Truth at church/ prayer groups. gift of faith and rapport with kids/ old. gifted with poetry. all for His Glory. but the shaking started since giving up all other idols and focusing on JEsus alone. the shepards Quaked at His Light !

Anonymous said...

These manifestations are not biblical and are certainly not from God. What you guys are describing as speaking in tounges, uncontrollable laughter, falling down, shaking or twitching are from a demonic spirit not the Holy Spirit. When you are referring to as shaking is called "kriya". These Kriyas is suppose to be an energy in your spine coiled up like a serpent. Hmmm that doesn't sound nice. When you start to meditate like yoga the energy or the coilded serpent is realeased and that's when you get that twitching or shaking of part of your body like hand, or the head or the entire body. I see a lot of this in the Pentecostal circle now even more in the charismatic circle. Just want to make clear that I had no problems with Pentecostal church except for these manifestations. You guys this is not just in Christians but people in Judaism and even in islam. This stuff originated in Hinduism though and a lot of Yoga teachers teach this but even the yoga teachers themselves say people shouldn't seek this by themselves. I have done research on this so Im not just making this stuff up. If you go to youtube and type kundalini spirit invading church by Andrew storm you can learn more, its a 30 min documentary. I use to think it was fake when I was small, but its real and I know because I also previously had kriyas and thought it was from God. I thank God he got me out of this whole mess and lie. This kriya is now called the Holy Spirit when its not. I don't tell you guys this to make you angry or to make you doubt of God but I tell you this cause this is not of God. I know God is real and I know the Lord Jesus is real but this phony Kundalini and Kriya stuff is not the Holy Spirit. Bye and because I see your all sharing names, my name is jonathan. I see im late to this thread but I hope future readers might see my comment and just do research themselves.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is different and everyone has a different reaction to the Anointing of the Spirit, when I am in prayer or at mass or in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel I shake uncontrollably at first even I was concerned as to what is happening to me , I felt it is all in my Brain but I prayed continuously after sometime I sensed the Lord saying it's not you but Me dont doubt but believe and From that time onwards I have not been doubtful also recently I received the gift of tongues praise God!! but if anyone still has queries regarding this please speak to your spiritual director; God bless you all!

Unknown said...

To 12:29 AM
Anonymous said...Sorry, Anonymous you certainly are not wise instructed in the things of the Spirit of God. You should read a bit longer on the experiences that some of the Saints have noted. There is no Peace in the things of the demons and devils. You should read and learn more about the topic before you give a misguided opinion. The devils and demons also shake people when they are commanded in Jesus name to come out of a person's body. But that is not what this topic is about! So you are incorrect in your opinion.

Anonymous said...

I shake. My first experience of this was six months ago. Afterwards in the same week I journelled with God (taught by Mark Virkler) and asked Him what was all that about. He answered me saying He healed me of fear ... . Since then I continue to skake with the annointed worship music, so wondered why I'm still shaking, I journelled with God again asking him can He tell me about the shaking. In short He responded with: I keep healing you... , and so you know I am with you... . This is my experience, hope it helps somewhat.

LaQua said...

Hi Jennifer, I recently experienced an uncontrollable shaking of my right hand for the first time in my life. It was at a conference that I attended. It was shaking so hard but I didnt want to stop it because I was sure that the Lord was doing something. I just dont know what. Ive asked but no response yet. Still waiting. But the awesome part is that I find myself able to hold my right arm up for a very long time during worship.hmmm

Unknown said...

My name is LaQua and I have had similar experiences and they are AMAZING. I love the presence of the Lord.

Jklynch said...

The shaking is not the Holy Spirit it is a false Holy Spirit. Look up kundalini vs the Holy Spirit. It is a familar spirit you can look up kundalini in the church on you tube. You need to renounce it and repent to God and ask him to take those experiences away and believe him. It may take time but it will eventually y leave. Also look up online all about it. The Bible says to test the spirits in the last days. Because there will be lots of false prophets and teachers. Also deceiving spirits.

Jklynch said...

Shaking and jerking and all the other. Feelings are the kundalini spirit which is a fake Holy Spirit. It is a familiar spirit. Look up kundalini in the church on you tube. It is a case Holy Spirit. You have to renounce it and repent for accepting it and it will leave but you have to believe it will and continue to reject it until it's gone. The worship music of today brings it in and people laying hands on you that have it. It can be transfered. Go here and read more

Anonymous said...

Good evening everyone I am truly blessed to be reading all of the testimonies....I was baptized last year may and I have constantly fasted and prayed for God to ease my childhood pain and suffering lately I have given myself completely to God I always have that song in my heart and that praise on my lips my morning radio show has been replaced by worshipping songs. Tonight I need some clarity I have always since I've been little experienced visions and dreams and encounters I could not possibly explain ....however lately in worshipping at church I saw someone being filled with the holy spirit I just kept on praising and worshipping God until I touched her to prevent her from hurting herself or lifting her dress which was ankle length by accident...right there that moment I felt lightning bolts jerk trough my body I had these groaning roaring screams uncontrollable from the bottom of my belly I cried and Shaked uncontrollably I'm not sure for how long till I felt a certain peace spirit flow over me I was lame to the point of feeling like I had just come off heart breaks when I can't explain it and my husband somehow thinks it's fake being that I could not control it and he thinks I'm possessed or its demonic I'm up in tears and I can not explain why I could not control it ... The first time it was uncontrollable groans and screams from the belly it's like something takes over when I give myself to God but how can I control this please guys pray for me all I want to do is worship and stay in his presence which is the most beautiful feeling I've ever experienced

Unknown said...

I've experienced shaking, mostly on my forearms to my hands. I've also get muscle twitches elsewhere sometime and I've fallen over (legs just went weak) when prayed for.

Since your question is about shaking, I'll give you my own personal revelation in 2 parts:
1)How i received it.
2) Bible verses to back it up.

How God revealed it to me :
Word of knowledge : handcuffs
Mental impression : shaking off the handcuffs, release from whatever the enemy used to enslave you.

The 2 verses

Isa 10:27
"And it shall come to pass in that day, [that] his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing."

Act 16:26
" And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one's bands were loosed."

Unknown said...

Im amazed at the comments. I truly dont understand how you can be a true son or daughter of God & not understand the trembling in his prescence. I find it to be a blessing when (Jesus,God, & Holy Spirit are 1) manifest inside me. How can u call it demonic when that person experiencing it is striving to be pure & Holy. Jesus died so that we can have a relationship with father God. We no longer have to go to a priest. He tore the veil so we can go into the holy of holies. Problem is most christians stay in the outer court. I experience trembling & the power of God everytime i worship & are in intercessory prayer & worship. You must worship him in spirit & in truth NOT FLESH. If you want to carry his presence (the arc of the covenant) then u must strive to be holy. Dont judge something u dont understand & havent experienced. Gods word & his truth is what i live by so i can carry his presence & worship him in truth. Some christians are ok with just going thru the motions & having social hour on sundays. Church isnt about you, church is about almighty God & when you make church all about him he will then make it about you. You leave your agenda at home & you study the word of God at home. He said the Holy Spirit will teach & guide you. Let God be God in our lives.

Anonymous said...

When I was praying to Christ last night in private I was shaking and praying in tongues on and off during prayer. After I was finished praying I had created a Christian YouTube channel and video with scripture from the Septuagint. I haven't spoken any foul mouth curses ever since I had prayed to the Lord Christ Jesus.