Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Word of God - Part 1 - Your input please...

I was raised to believe that the Bible was the 'Word of God'. These days I'm not so sure. But just out of interest, if there are any Christians reading this blog, I'd be very interested to know how you would go about demonstrating to a non-believer that the Bible actually is the Word of God? Feel free to interpret the 'Word of God' phrase in any way you want. Please comment.


Bible student said...


You might want to reconsider the biblical teaching on "with the measure ye measure…" for that needs to be understood when one tries to answer the question you posed about "demonstrating to a non-believer that the Bible actually is the Word of God". I could cite examples to make that point but before engaging in that conversation, it would be better if you first described why you are "not so sure" -- what facts led you to doubt the Bible is the word of God?

Also, you previously commented on an earlier edition of The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved, but the revised fifth edition of that book has now become the first book in a series called A Better Bible Study Method, which aims to show that the method(s) we use to assess truth on biblical issues is even more important than knowing the truth on this-or-that particular issue. I would be happy to send along a complementary copy of Book One for your consideration. If you would like to read it, just shoot me an address.

God's word will stand the test and our honest questions are not going to knock God off his throne. But if one insists on setting aside integrity and employs a pick-and-choose approach (that looks to God's word only when it suits them but relies on non-Bible sources when they do not like what scripture has to say), then that person will end up deceived on issue after issue because they are using a false balance. Doubt can be overcome by the truth, dishonesty cannot.


Ryan said...


Jim can't cite examples to make that point because there aren't any.

"...it would be better if you first described why you are 'not so sure'"

You have done this, in my opinion, more thoroughly than most of the bloggers out there that I have read. I've really enjoyed your posts and have followed for quite awhile. Very intellectually honest and
sincere. You were a great help to me during the loss of my faith in the last couple of years. You must
be having an even harder time with it than I did if you are still struggling. I know for me that it was
certainly no walk in the park.

To make a long story short, about two year ago I was diagnosed with a brain abnormality that had a high
mortality rate. I was preparing for my own death. I made videos for my daughter to watch on all of her
future birthdays without me. No joke, serious, sobering stuff. Over the previous few years I had been
consistently teased by an outspoken atheist coworker (In as good natured of a way as you can imagine, he's
a really nice guy), but I think it put enough doubt into me that I felt I wanted to "sure up" my faith
as I headed into death. I had been "born again" since the age of 21(39 now) through a "miraculous touch of
god". One of those inspirational stories that i was able to share over and over again as my testimony of
the love of jesus christ! (I could tell you more about how I perceive this now some other time)

Basically I discovered everything you have found. My intention was to build up god through honest inquiry
and instead I tore him down. It was finally on the day that I had to struggle with the fact that, not only
was I about to die, I was going to burn in hell for all eternity. I know surer than sure that I was as
sincere in my quest for truth as can be. I won't entertain accusations of not being a "real christian".

After a couple of weeks of insane suffering somehow I made the connection about how absurd it all was.
This god would send me TO HELL!!! FOREVER!!! Me, the guy writhing on the bed, stomach in knots over it,
only wanting some answer or solace.

plain and simple, this is not a god that can exist. BOOM!
I was an atheist. still took a little while to process it.

I'm in the clear medically (praise the lord! ha ha! and more than a few highly trained doctors) and
really am born again this time. it's like another chance at life. The thought that I may have died or
even persisted into my old age believing such absurdity is a thought of tragedy.

Absurdity is what it is. Once you get past all of the rationalizing and excuse making there is nothing
left. not a thread for it to hang on. Even the "good" parts are unexceptional. You know this though. I've read it here. what's keeping you holding on? the suffering through the change of paradigm was the hardest
part. I can't even explain to you how much clearer my thinking is and how much better I feel (I'm sure the
brush with death helped too) having broke free. You are obviously extremely intelligent, logical and
sincere, stop wasting your time with this stuff and get onto more interesting things. There's a huge
world out there and I'm guessing, if you are anything like i was, you've kept yourself from seeing a lot
of it.

Anyway, best wishes

Anonymous said...

It really depends upon who you are talking to. In certain cases I'm not sure that it is helpful to attempt to demonstrate to non-believers that the the Bible is the word of God. I'm specifically talking about those who reject the very notion of God in the first place.

While I think that the work of Dan Wallace and the like is fascinating and important, I don't think that a sceptic would, upon hearing that an original document had been found, turn around and say "there must be a God and this is his word".