Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rob Love Bell Wins... or something

Sitting on my bedside, ready to be read is a copy of Rob Bell's 'controversial' new book 'Love Wins'. I am not going to pre-judge it, so I can't really pass comment on it yet.

However, I have just listened to Rob Bell 'defending' his book/viewpoint on the Unbelievable podcast, with Justin Brierley and 'Christian blogger' Adrian Warnock.

Some observations:
  1. Rob Bell does the classic apologist thing of answering a question with another question. Which gets a bit annoying after a while as there is never any resolution to any line of questioning. At the end of the podcast Rob Bell had never actually stated what it is that he believes, he had merely questioned the issues around 'conventional' belief.
  2. He had a very good point to make about the Greek and Hebrew words translated as 'eternal' in English. And this point was entirely lost on the others in the studio with him.
  3. Fundamentally, I think, the issue boils down to this: does the Bible paint a single, coherent picture of God, or does it actually paint a multi-faceted picture of him, which contains discrepancies and even contradictions? Both Rob and Adrian seem to hold to the former option, but both are viewing different facets of the picture as their starting point. I would argue that the former opinion is a belief that is forced onto the text, not a conclusion from reading the text at face value.
Anyway. I'll read the book soon and let you know my opinion on it after that, for what its worth.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished it the week before last. Thought it was really good. I agreed with much of it and it helped me explore issues that I'd been struggling with. Also found it fairly comforting after the lecture series.

I think Rob Bell wants people to ask questions themselves rather than telling them the answers and doesn't view what his personal beliefs are to be very important in a discussion. I often feel the same.