Monday, August 18, 2008

Make me a Christian...

I have managed to catch a few bits of the Channel 4 show 'Make me a Christian' last week and last night. The whole concept intrigued me, but the actual reality of the show irritated me.

Because it seems that, for the makers of this show and the ministers behind the project, living life as a Christian very simply means 'follow the rules'.

They're imposing legalism on these people and saying very little about grace. Humph.


Anonymous said...

I was upset by the hugely simplistic approach the program took, with incessant repetitions and not a nuance to be seen. I missed last night's, though by the sounds of it I didn't miss much. I had hoped it would be similar to Morgan Spurlock's (the McDonalds man) 30 day experiment where he got a Muslim and a Christian to swap places, that was pretty interesting.

Ricky Carvel said...

On the basis of last night's programme, it would appear that the 'Christian' way to deal with sexual temptation is either to (a) play really boring games, or (b) take up a highly violent sport. Erm.

WWJD? Neither, I think.

I missed the Morgan Spurlock thing, sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty informational (is that even a word?), though it never had the ambit of converting anyone, it served as an experience to dialogue and better understand each other's faith.

I have to assume that the 'contestants' are getting first rate pastoral care, and Channel 4 are simply broadcasting the most consumer friendly parts. Either that, or they've hired some low-rent religious types, or maybe Christianity doesn't have the answers. I'm going to stick to my assumption for now.