Thursday, August 23, 2007

Survivor Digital Songbook Gripe!

I got the Survivor Digital Songbook last week. Basically its the complete score, guitar chord sheets and full text for all songs in all 4 'Survivor' music books on one handy CD. Its only £20 for the printable music for almost 700 songs. Great value.

This way I only need to print out the songs I want and never have to flick past pages and pages of songs I don't want. All good so far.

But I would like to print out the index for the thing - 13 pages of song titles (and composers) arranged in alphabetical order. But on the PDF they have included the index in white text on a black background! 13 pages which are probably over 95% black ink! The thing is designed to be printed out at home, that would use up almost one entire (£15) black ink tank on its own. What idiot had that idea? Aaaaargh!

(any hints on how to invert the colours of a PDF file before printing would be appreciated...)


jonathanku said...

Good day to you. My first thought would be to extract the text from the PDF and build a new Word doc or something.

Alternatively, save as an image file (can you export as GIF or JPG?) or take a screenshot, then invert it in any half-decent graphics program.

Ricky Carvel said...

Actually I figured that. IrfanView is a marvelous image editing programme that treates pdfs as images. So i exported to bmp and inverted.


simo said...

Depending upon the version of acrobat you are using, older versions (6 & 7 i think) have a camera image on the tool bar, version 8 it's an option under tools/select and zoom/snapshot. this enables you to select a part of a page or document as an image, which you could then paste and invert in any graphics package. Hope it might be helpful in the future as you have already done this now!

Unknown said...

Hi. I am thinking of buying this CD and volume 5. Just need to find out if the CD also includes the audio tracks of songs. Many thanks and best for 2009. Gerard

Ricky Carvel said...


The digital songbook doesn't have audio. Just the music score pdfs.


Unknown said...

Many thanks Ric. God Bless you. Gerard

Anonymous said...

Hi, Does anyone know where i can find a list of what songs are actually on the cd before I buy it. I want to check that wonderful maker by Chis tomlin is actually on the CD before I buy the whole thing but I cant find a list anywhere.