Friday, April 27, 2007

11 atheist arguements

On the 'Faith and Freethought' podcast last week, Richard Spencer offered 11 arguements that he thought were compelling reasons to believe that there is no God. I will list them here without comment and then consider each in turn in future postings...

"Atheism offers the best explanation for..."
  1. the physical forces that cause natural disasters
  2. the presence of unjustified pain and suffering in the world
  3. God's silence in the face of adversity
  4. the physical dependence of the mind on the brain
  5. the hiddenness of God
  6. religious history (i.e. why God does not seem to favour followers of any particular religion and why horrible things have been done in the name of all religions)
  7. religious confusion (i.e. why the 'true path' is not obvious)
  8. the uniformity of religious experience
  9. the evidence of evolution
  10. the scale of the universe
  11. seemingly poor design in nature
More to follow...

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