Monday, February 26, 2007

Damning with faint praise...

I went to a church I'd never been to before last night. It was fine. There was a good number of folk, the music was well played and all the congregation sang along. The sermon was fine too, reasonable points, well made and fairly interesting. The folk were friendly and welcoming. I really can't find any particular faults in it. But I won't be going back again.

Just as there was nothing specific in the service which would drive me away, there was nothing particular that would make me want to go again. While I might have looked like I fit in on the surface (most of the congreagation were in jeans & a jumper, just like me), I didn't feel like I would fit in in practice.

Maybe some places are just 'not me'.

Having said that, there was a period of 'open prayer' in the service and I really appreciated that - I haven't been to a church where they do that in a very long time. It was one of thise things that I didn't realise I'd missed it until I saw it again.

The search for a church where I 'fit' continues...


David Meldrum said...

Can I comment from a 'professional' perspective?

Simply this; I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a church where people fit (including myself). There are just too many people in a church to make it feasible to please people; and anyway, Sundays are just a snapshot. The best parts of most churches occur away from Sunday gatherings.

What would I look for in a church if I were a punter? I guess a Sunday style that I could be broadly at home in, and a church that in the rest of life serves the poor and gets stuck in with reflecting the character of God to the people around, wherever that may be. I guess that's what I strive to lead our fellowships towards, and what I'd look for myself. Maybe that helps, maybe not.


Ricky Carvel said...

Thanks Dave, comments always welcome!

Oddly enough, a friend of mine went to the same church on the morning service of the same day and really, really liked it.

However, one thing strikes me from your comment. I didn't get the impression that this church actually does much outside of a Sunday, and perhaps this is the thing that doesn't 'fit' with me.