Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I will shortly blog about faith.

But first, can I ask all readers of this blog (that means you) to comment on this post with a short definition of what you think 'faith' means?

Feel free to post anonymously.

Please use your own words and don't simply quote one of the famous bible verses. Thanks.

More to follow...

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Chris Hamer-Hodges said...

Hi Ricky,
My short definition would be: "dependent trust".

A longer illustration would be an insight I gained while at Ballater SU camp - something I know you can relate to - which highlighted to me the difference between faith and mental assent.

It happened when we went absailing. It occurred to me that when you are stood at the bottom of the rock face looking up, you can have absolute confidence that the rope holding the boy above will hold. There is no question in your mind that he will fall. But it is not until it is your turn to take the rope and lean back over the cliff edge that your confidence becomes faith.