Thursday, July 27, 2006

Answers for the Hillbilly Atheist: Part 2

11. Why do the genealogies of Jesus contradict in Luke and Mathew (Luke does not use Mary’s line because it clearly says Joseph SON of Heli)?

There are many possible explanations for this one. My preferred explanation is that Matthew attempted to do Joseph's genealogy, and Luke tried to do Mary's. I believe that the bit where you claim it 'clearly' says that Joseph was son of Heli, could also be translated as "He was, it was supposed, the son of Joseph, but was of Heli" - which would mean that he came from the line of Heli, NOT the line of Joseph.

Of course, it is possible that one or both both writers simply got it wrong.

12. If the bible is gods word why do the psalms say things like, “oh god thou art holy and great”, is god that vain that he should praise himself?

God didn't write the psalms. Folk like David did.

In my understanding of it, "God's Word" doesn't mean that God personally wrote or dictated every word.

13. What scientific evidence is there for a virgin birth involving a male baby?

None. What other genetic scientific evidence has survived 2000 years?

You've phrased that a bit oddly - what scientific evidence do you have for a female baby virgin birth?

14. Why does it need to be a virgin birth to begin with is sex evil?

Sex is not evil. I'm not sure it had to be a virgin birth, but that's what the bible says happened. If God wanted to do it that way, then I'm sure he could.

15. Why does the bible say not to kill in the ten commandments, and then turn around and command people to do just that like in 1 Samuel 15:1-3?

The 10 commandments are a tiny part of a much larger law which describes, in detail, how the Israelites ought to live and which punishments accompany which crimes. The murder of one Israelite by another is forbidden. Waging war on an enemy is not. Killing people as punishment is expressly commanded. Do you expect every summary statement to convey all the details?

16. If the god of the bible is all-good why does he create evil (see Isa. 45:5-7)

That verse says he created darkness. Not evil. Next...

17. Where is proof of Jesus’ resurrection besides the gospels and why do they contradict in almost every detail on this fact (don’t believe me read the Easter story in each gospel and contrast them)

The accounts differ in several minor details. Who went to the tomb? (does it matter?) Was it a young man, an angel or 2 angels waiting there? (does it matter?) Was the tomb empty? (Yes!) Was Jesus alive? (Yes!)

As for proof, what other historical proof do you know that has survived 2000 years?

18. Why is it wrong to want proof, if so how does one determine which religion is right?

Wanting proof is not wrong. How to determine which religion is right? Well, try them out. You'll never know if you enjoy swimming by simply watching others doing it, you need to get in the water and try. If you try out a religion and experience nothing, then move on and try something else. But if something works, if you do experience the divine somewhere, then find out more.

Of course, more than one religion might offer experience. So you may need to try more than one out. But you'll never learn by not trying anything.

19. what scientific evidence shows how god created the universe?

Erm, all scientific evidence shows how God created the universe. Because science shows us how the universe is made.

20. If the universe is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old as creationists claim, then how can we see stars that are millions of light years away?

That observation is one of the best pieces of evidence that the universe is not 6000 years old. Young earth creationists are wrong. But that doesn't mean that there is no creator.

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