Friday, January 13, 2006

A whole new blog...

I'm the sort of person that likes answers to questions. I don't mind being proven wrong, so long is it is proof that is presented, rather than just the weight of opinion. I've started this blog to discuss some of the areas of Christian belief that I have the biggest problems with.

However, I'm not approaching this from the outside; aiming to attack Christianity. Rather, I'm coming from the inside. I am a Christian - one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God and seeks to follow Him - but there are things in the bible and in common Christian belief that I have serious doubts about, and it is here that I'll try and think them through.

Ultimately, there may be no resolution, there may be no proof either way, but there may be insights from myself and others which may be useful. So please read, comment, discuss and enjoy.


Cooldrums said...

Interesting blog.
Speaking as someone who has been questioning his faith for a while. Like you I believe in a lot of the teachings in the bible.
I actuall found this blog by clicking a link on Magnum and Bob Catley.
Its got me thinking even more about my faith now.
Interesting reading keep your ideas burning.

Ricky Carvel said...

Thanks. Feel free to suggest areas of doubt and uncertainty for me to muse over out loud (as it were). And keep reading...

While I am a fan of Magnum & Bob Catley (though not too fond of Bob's latest album), I didn't think this would be documented much online. Hey ho. I should be careful what I say in these "list your interests" bit of websites. :o)

I must blog about Magnum sometime on my rock blog. A highly misunderstood and unfairly despised band.

Looks like we share a few of our favourite movies too.