Friday, March 23, 2012

Miracles today?

Just listened to last week's 'Unbelievable' radio show on Miracles in the bible - did they happen? Tomorrow's show is on Miracles - do they happen today?

I'm thinking these issues through at the moment, and will blog about them in due course. So just out of interest, please leave comments below regarding any miracles - other than medical healings - that have happened to you or those you know.

I know that healings happen today. Its the other stuff I'm unsure about, so please tell me if you know any good stories...


Anonymous said...

I felt the Holy Spirit/God/something tell me during an Alpha course that one of the guys in my group had a "scarred" relationship with his father and I should talk to him about it.

I'd probably only talked to the guy for 20m in total before and he'd never mentioned family. When I told him this (very dubious myself) he was completely shocked and asked how I knew.

That's my only non-healing miracle. I could have somehow subconsciously picked this up but I'm incredibly dubious. Feel free to ask more questions about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey there my friend,

Have you ever read up on many of the saints of the Catholic Church? Though miraculous events certainly do occur in other faith traditions, the Catholic Church has a good documentation of their saints and their respective miracles. It's a good place to start and many of the miracles documented by the church can be easily found due to the beatification process.

May I recommend a few books?

Nothing Short Of A Miracle - Patricia Treece

Apparitions Of Modern Saints - Patricia Treece

Padre Pio: The True Story - Bernard Ruffin

( anything by Patricia Treece is great reading, and she isn't sensationalist by any means )

I myself was ( and still can be ) skeptical of miracle claims, however these books really challenged my skeptical views and to be honest, they forced me to accept the supernatural.

Anyways, hopefully that gives you some good stuff to chew on.

Also, check out these touching stories on the Padre Pio Devotions site;

especially this one;